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client: Fracthon (2016)

team: Jan Bielak - art direction, Amadeusz Wróbel - graphic design, Sonia Mastalerz - graphic design, Anna-Maria Suchodolska - copywriting

brief: Creating unique name and complex visual identity for a group of companies from the financial and investment sector. The corporate image should be prestigious and inspire trust.

info: The name and symbol used in the logo refer to fractals which were our inspiration during this project. The repeated fractal structure pictures continuous growth. We’ve used silent “h” in the company name to ensure its international character. The symbol of the “Pythagoras tree” was made of rectangular elements which have the proportions of a banknote. The tree motive – symbol of longevity, wisdom and fertility was used to encode such values as stable growth, trust and durability in the group’s image. By creating a logotype in the form of a shield and hence referring to heraldry this message was additionally strengthened.

client: Newag S.A. / ZNLE

team: Jan Bielak – art direction, Amadeusz Wróbel – graphic design, Anna-Maria Suchodolska – copywriting

brief: Creating name for locomotive producer, organizing stucture of group of companies, rebranding, logo design.

info: Initially we were asked to create a new name for ZNLE – a company producing electric locomotives, whose shares were bought by Newag S.A. During design works, we came to a conclusion that the best solution was to join both companies. Having studied our report, the company’s Board decided to create “Newag Group” which consolidated Newag and ZNLE into one holding.

client: Calavera (2015)

team: Jan Bielak - art direction, Amadeusz Wróbel - graphic design, Sonia Mastalerz - graphic design, Anna-Maria Suchodolska - copywriting

brief: Creating a brand for a chain of restaurants serving top quality, Mexican street food.

info: The name Calavera (skull in Spanish) is inspired by the image of Mexico in the pop culture. The Mexicans are known for their joyous and colourful celebrations of the All Saint’s Day (Dia de los Muertos) where multi-coloured and ornamented skulls are the most popular symbols. Calavera logotype illustrates the name, whereas the selected typography refers to a lettering from old neon signs and stencils enabling minimalist identification of the elements composing the company’s image. Following the pop culture inspiration, the graphic identification is emphasized by strong, vivid colours.

client: ES SYSTEM K Sp. z o.o. (2010-2014)

team: Jan Bielak, Amadeusz Wróbel, Sonia Mastalerz, Łukasz Tabakowski, Ewa Buchowicz, Norbert Adamowicz, Karolina Kierat, Anna-Maria Suchodolska, Paweł Ulatowski

brief: Our objective during a long term cooperation with ES System K was first to redesign the company's image and later on, develop further coherent elements of the corporate identity. Being the company's Brand Manager, I was responsible for all aspects relating to the company's image, starting with the graphic design and ending with the look of company and its staff during professional events.

info: During cooperaton with ES System K, our team contributed significantly to the company's successes. With our strong support the company gained new markets, won professional prizes and participated in numerous internationational trade fairs both in Poland and abroad. The trust we were endowned with by the customer let us create a coherent brand, participate in taking key decisions regarding the company's image and enjoy the final result.

client: Ergo Design / FETCO (2011)

team: Jan Bielak - art direction/graphic design/copywriting/contact with client, Karina Wieczorek - project management, Ryszard Poniedziałek - product design, Anna-Maria Suchodolska - copywriting

brief: Redesigning logo and other corporate identity elements to create an image of a modern company producing professional brewing equipment. Providing graphic solutions that would complete the product design implemented by Ergo Design, a company who invited me to join the project.

info: Initially the main task was to create a logo that would be different from the previous version, moreover the client wanted to add a symbol to the logotype. On one hand, we convinced the customer only to restyle the logo since major modifications could jeopardize the leading brand recognition. On the other hand, we introduced radical changes in the style of the marketing materials. Moreover, we prepared a new brandline and a method of sytsematizing product names.

client: Studio Otwarte / Meating Point (2010)

team: Jan Bielak - art direction/graphic design, Anna-Maria Suchodolska - copywriting, Maciek Ochęcki - graphic design (packaging)

brief: Creating a name and logo for a restaurant serving meat meals. Creating a systemic solution which will allow to develop a chain of restaurants.

info: Our task was to develop a new brand from scratch. Name was invented in a co-operation with the copywriter. The goal was to develop a visual identity which would fit both the word puzzle and the idea to create a chain of restaurants in the near future. Each of the restaurants location was presented on the logo symbol, to enhance the concept, the address of the restaurant was used instead of a branding slogan.

client: SOBIESŁAW ZASADA S.A. (2014)

team: Add van Dommelen, Jan Bielak, Amadeusz Wróbel, Sonia Mastalerz, Anna-Maria Suchodolska

brief: Organization of the company group image, creation of a modern and minimalist corporate identity for one of the biggest business consortium in Poland. Preparation of a systemic solution that clarifies the division of group activity into 4 main branches: automotive, real estate, production and lifestyle.

info: Conceptual project of Grupa Zasada rebranding. Creation of an image of a serious, mature and stable group comprising over 30 companies. Preparation of a system that allows visual organization of the company's image. During the conceptual work, our key decision was to cooperate with an experienced, Dutch designer and typograph Add van Dommelen. Our joined forces resulted in a project that we are proud of. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the project has not been implemented.

client: Piekarnia Cukiernia AK Otrębusy (2014-2015)

team: Jan Bielak art direction/graphic design, Amadeusz Wróbel - graphic design/DTP, Sonia Mastalerz - graphic design/DTP/project management, Ewa Buchowicz - interior design, Łukasz Tabakowski - interior design

brief: Refreshing and unifying the company's image as well as creating contemporary and coherent marketing materials. The new brand should project an image of a modern company reflecting trends characteristic for big cities.

info: Bakery and pastry company ”Otrębusy” is a chain of shops popular in Warsaw. The elements creating the company's image lacked coherence, hence part of the challenge was to clarify and organize them. During the rebranding process we corrected the previous logo, unified all the elements of corporate identity and defined a way of presenting the products.

client: Studio Otwarte / RMF (2009-2010)

team: Jan Bielak - art direction/graphic design/contact with client, Marcin Wolny - art direction, Chrisoph Dunst - typography, Ula Krzyżak - graphic design, Maciej Ochęcki - graphic design, Mirosław Kliś - project management, Marek Wadas - DTP

brief: Redesigning corporate identity, unifying all brands owned by the RMF Group, creating a systemic solution for existing brands and ones that will be created in future. Creating an identity for the RMF Group itself (the former Broker FM).

info: Re-branding was planned because of the 20th anniversary of a leader radio broadcaster in Poland. Radio RMF invited several design studios to a tender and the solution proposed by Studio Otwarte won. The project involved a large team of specialists from different fields of design.

client: Visiona Sp. z o.o. (2012-2015)

team: Jan Bielak - art direction/graphic design, Amadeusz Wróbel - graphic design/DTP, Sonia Mastalerz - project management, Anna-Maria Suchodolska - copywriting

brief: The main objective of the rebranding process was to design a new, modern brand image of an IT company that would reflect the leading position Visiona had reached after 10 years of activity on the market. Once the situation was analysed, and our team set the initial strategy, the customer agreed to implement some radical image changes.

info: Visiona provides software for the financial sector. During the rebranding process, our team decided to introduce some significant changes. One of the project assumptions was to move away from the ”optical” and ”visual” connotations with the word visiona, towards „vision/future”. The goal was achieved by choosing a typography inspired by science-fiction stylistics and a brandline that guides us towards the company's activity profile, and emphasizes the „vision” of the future.

client: Wojas S.A.

team: Jan Bielak, Anna-Maria Suchodolska, Łukasz Tabakowski, Ewa Buchowicz, Norbert Adamowicz

brief: Organizing the brand elements and designing a new logo. Finding a solution that would allow a simple and inexpensive application of the new logo on products, as well as marking a wide variety of items intended for various end customers.

info: Conceptual project whose main idea was to create a symbol that was easily applicable on shoes and leather items. Moreover, it was to be suitable for all types of shoes (casual and smart). It turned out that the ideal solution was to create a symbol that can be embroidered using the same method and materials that are used during the shoe production. The shape of letter „W” present in the previous logo was reflected in proportions and inclination of elemtes creating an embroidered version of „W”.

client: Studio Otwarte / Adob (2008)

team: Jan Bielak - graphic design, Marcin Wolny - art direction, Mirosław Kliś - project management, Marek Wadas - DTP, Anna-Maria Suchodolska - copywriting

brief: Redesigning corporate identity without losing the characteristic elements of the logo. Creating a modern and professional look of the logo and product package design.

info: „Adob” produces a wide range of fertilizers and provides professional advice regarding their application. Company's corporate identity was not appropriate for their leading position on the market and the graphic design of packaging did not reflect the product's characteristics. We convinced the customer to implement a solution based on a very simple and minimalist graphic design, typical for pharmaceutical industry. This approach allowed us to create an image of a trustworthy compay providing professional products. In order to organize the elements of visual identification, we introduced a clear colour code for the entire line of products.

client: Staropolska (2013-2015)

team: Jan Bielak - art direction/graphic design, Amadeusz Wróbel - graphic design/DTP, Sonia Mastalerz - graphic design/DTP/project management

brief: Redesigning of the current brand image, creating a modern corporate identity, moving away from rustic connotations (suggested by the company's name „Staropolska” – „Old-Polish”).

info: Starpolska is a one of the leading companies in the bakery and confectionary sector. The company possesses state of the art production lines. The previous brand image did not reflect the innovative and modern approach of the company management. The leading colour scheme was chosen to make the company stand out against the competitors who most often opt for toned colours typical for the industry. The new image strategy was elaborated to reflect the leading position on the market and to set new trends, rather than follow the competitors solutions.

client: Skalski Group (2007)

team: Jan Bielak - art direction/graphic design/communication design/contact with client

brief: Refreshing the old logo, making it look modern. Keeping the original colors and adding third dimension to the logo. Creating a rotating sign for the new headquarters. Designing other elements of visual communication and way finding system.

info: The Skalski Group is a capital related consortium of building companies. The upcoming 25th anniversary of the company's activity and construction of new headquarters, motivatd the management to refresh the brand. The new corporate identity was implemented to unify the elements of the company's image and, at the same time, refer to the previous logo.

client: Piekarnia Żabczyńscy P.H.U.P. "K.W.S. Żabczyńscy" Sp.J (2014)

team: Jan Bielak art direction/graphic design, Amadeusz Wróbel - graphic design/DTP, Sonia Mastalerz - graphic design/DTP, Anna-Maria Suchodolska - copywriting

brief: Redesigning of the current brand, emphasizing the longstanding tradition and ”family” aspect of the business.

info: Family business dating back to 1942, the company has been baking bread and making flour for generations. The choice of typography, staff clothes as well as other elements of the corporate style were inspired by the period of 1940's when the company was set up. The reference to heraldry during the stage of logo creation, emphasizes the importance of the ”family” and multigenerational aspect of the business.The ears of grain were added as a decorative element referring to both baker's and miller's traditions.

client: Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej w Krakowie (2011-2012)

team: Jan Bielak, Łukasz Tabakowski, Norbert Adamowicz, Paweł Mikosz

brief: Designing a way finding system for the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Cracow. The project required creating a solution that would fit into the character of the Museum, and allow adaptation of the system to the actual and future needs of the visitor flow management.

info: Project of a way finding system for the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Cracow. Realized in cooperation with Grid Design Studio, which provided the industrial design of the informaive board system. Our task was to create a system of visual indentification for the entire Muesum, inlcuding the exhibtion halls and the surrounding space. The project was implemented, but for the proposed logo.

client: Studio Otwarte / mamacube (2010)

team: Jan Bielak - art direction/graphic design, Ula Krzyżak - graphic design

brief: Creating a logo for a producer of advertising clothing and gadgets. Finding a smart and bold solution to illustrate the brand name. The target group for „mamacube” are designers - it should be kept in mind when choosing a graphic style for this identity.

info: „mamacube” is a company run by experienced and open minded specialists. They usually cooperate with graphic designers who need to execute their ideas. Those two facts made it possible to convince the client to choose a bit controversial symbol for their logo.

client: RebelHorn (POWERBIKE S.A.), Ergo Design (2013)

team: Jan Bielak, Karina Wieczorek – project management

brief: Designing a logo for a recently set up company offering accessories for motorcyclists. Creating a symbol that would reflect the company's character and illustrate its name.

info: Conceptual project. When designing the logo for „Rebelhorn” we decided to refer directly to the company's name and create a symbol of a „rebel with horns”. Our goal was to design an image that would look good on the offered accessories (shoes, gloves, helmets etc) and that would become a symbol for the motorcylclists to identify with. We decided that using a motive of a mask would allow us to associate the new company with values close to the target group.

client: Deco Echo / Jacek Byczewski (2003)

team: Jan Bielak - graphic design/3d modelling/DTP/contact with client

brief: Creating a tool to sell rings designed by Jacek Byczewski. Finding a solution which allows clients to compose their own variation of a ring. Presenting endless possibilities by showing just several existing examples of rings which may be modified by selecting different metals, stones and finishing of ring surface.

info: To solve problem described in briefing I decided to make a revolving rings sampler. It appears that such a tool makes it easy to customize the rings. Major possibilities were shown on following pages of sampler, all optional modifications were described with short text. Extra pages at the end of sampler showed in details possible variations. I have also developed a special code for each ring and its modification - it was hidden in area visible only for sales person who knew where to look for it. The whole design was kept in technical style, with a lot of precise infromation and technical drawings which showed rings from each side.

client: Marksman Design Award (2004)

team: Jan Bielak - product design

brief: Designing a unique and creative time measuring device which will be suitable as a bussiness gift.

info: Inspired by the ancient sand-filled hour glass, „timeline" invites the user to play with time rather than worry about its passing. Designed for moments when discretion is desirable, such as speaking publicly, it is a non-intrusive timer for busy executives and managers.

report of jury: No jury member had ever seen anything quite like the Timeline before. As the unanimous winner, it gave a feeling of something extra, inspiring new ways to experience time. Beautifully packaged, it has an Asian quality about it, more spiritual than rational. By representing time as a moving entity, it symbolizes other aspects of life, almost bending time. It's not a typical business gift, but deeper, and more thought provoking than the other entries. "Pure poetry that promises to enhance the quality of life", said one juror, adding, "It begs the question: Can I take just a few minutes out?"

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